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  • 太阳城申博88登入Beijing positively reacts to the new epidemic situation


    太阳城申博88登入,11时30分许,身着白色唐装的程幼泽走出监区后,多人簇拥其身后,有着黑衣的男子列队道路两旁,并燃放礼花炮、鞭炮迎接。从你的体重指数来看,属于重度肥胖,已经严重影响到身体健康,普通的减肥方法无法达到治疗效果。欧元兑美元触及一个月高位,尽管之后丢掉了所有的涨幅。  (华迪维亚)



  • China publishes white paper on fight against COVID-19

    China on Sunday issued a white paper on the country's battle against COVID-19.

  • ICGEB Accepted 20,000 Protective Face Masks Donation from Chinese Partners

    The ICGEB in Trieste, Italy has received a consignment of protective masks from its Chinese partners in Beijing and Taizhou, for distribution?to the local health authorities.

  • 太阳城申博88登入Israel is refueling China's fight against the novel coronavirus

    Israel is refueling China's fight against the novel coronavirus

  • Israeli government demands people to stay at home

    The Israeli government once again implemented national short-term curfew messures, demanding people to stay at home as much as possible.

  • 太阳城申博88登入Chinese embassy in Russia celebrated the 2020 Lunar New Year

    Chinese?students?in?Russia?performed?Lion?Dance?at?the Chinese embassy in Russia?to?celebrate?the?2020?Lunar New?Year.

Top News

Researchers discover mechanism that makes COVID-19 more severe in diabetics

Brazilian researchers have discovered one of the causes of severe COVID-19 in diabetic patients. Laboratory experiments showed that the higher level of blood sugar in these patients is captured by monocytes, a type of defense cell, and serves as a source of additional energy for the coronavirus to replicate more than in a healthy organism. In response to the increased viral load, the monocytes release large amounts of pro-inflammatory cytokines with several effects including lung cell death.

A Future to Expect: International S&T Community Expresses High Hope in Cooperation with Peers in China English

According to the latest news from Science and Technology Daily (April 14th), two COVID-19 inactivated vaccines were just approved for a phase I & II combined clinical trial by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of China, making them the first batch in this category. The two vaccines were developed respectively by Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd of Sinopharm and Sinovac Research & Development Co., Ltd together with research institutes.

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